Sustainability and Diamonds



Looking for ethical diamonds, GIA diamonds, natural diamonds, and ethical jewellery? La Parra Jewels offers a meticulous selection process ensuring our diamonds are not only exquisite but also ethically sourced. Our journey begins with tracing each diamond through its various stages, from mining to the final crafted piece, ensuring transparency and ethical integrity at every step.                                   



Traceability and Ethical Sourcing: At La Parra Jewels, we recognise the complex journey diamonds undertake before reaching our showcases. We prioritise traceability, diligently tracing our diamonds back to their origins. Unlike the flawed Kimberley Process, which focuses solely on uncut stones and overlooks subsequent processing stages, we ensure that every diamond we offer is free from ties to corruption or exploitation. Our commitment extends beyond certifications; we partner with trusted suppliers who share our values of ethical sourcing and sustainability.



 Canadian Diamonds: Explore our collection of Canadian diamonds, mined under stringent regulations in Canada. These diamonds are not only 100% traceable and conflict-free but also come with GIA certificates or equivalent documentation, guaranteeing their authenticity and ethical provenance. While large-scale open-pit mining methods are used, which can impact the environment, Canadian diamonds offer peace of mind, knowing they contribute positively to local economies while adhering to ethical standards.





Artisanal Diamonds: Supporting local communities and sustainable practices, we like artisanal diamonds sourced from Ocean Diamonds in South Africa. Extracted responsibly from coastal seabeds by professional divers, these diamonds undergo minimal environmental disruption. Each diamond is meticulously cut and polished by skilled artisans, ensuring exceptional quality while supporting local economies and preserving marine ecosystems.



Lab Diamonds: For those placing importance on ethical considerations, consider lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are chemically and visually identical to natural diamonds but are cultivated within controlled laboratory settings. Opting for lab-grown diamonds allows you to significantly reduce environmental impact and bypass the ethical concerns linked to traditional diamond mining. Moreover, lab-grown diamonds are more affordable than naturally mined diamonds, allowing you to acquire a larger diamond for the same budget.





Recycled Diamonds: Discover the beauty of recycled diamonds, available through antique shops and select vendors. These diamonds, though lacking clear origins, offer a sustainable choice by repurposing existing gems and reducing the demand for new mining. Each recycled diamond possesses a unique history and character, providing a meaningful alternative to newly mined stones.



At La Parra Jewels, we are committed to offering diamonds that not only dazzle with their brilliance but also shine with integrity and responsibility. For more information or to explore our collections further, please contact us at Choose La Parra Jewels for diamonds that reflect your values of ethical sourcing and sustainable luxury.